Percentage of Positive COVID-19 Tests in San Diego County

I’m a big fan of charts, spreadsheets, and data (weird, I know), which is why I’ve been keeping a close eye on the coronavirus data put out by the County of San Diego. When I noticed that the county was reporting significant increases in positive COVID-19 cases when everything else indicated that cases should not be spiking, I realized that the numbers reflect dramatic increases in capacity and availability for testing.

To serve my own curiosity, I took data provided by the County of San Diego and created a chart to roughly track the percentage of positive COVID-19 tests compared to the total number of tests administered.

Through April 25, 2020, the County of San Diego has reported a total of 44,935 coronavirus tests administered with 3,043 confirmed cases for an overall average of approximately 6.8% positive test results.

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Source data for confirmed cases per day.

Source data for total tests administered per day.