Sam McGovern Consulting

Welcome! I’m a San Diego-based communications consultant who specializes in shaping perception through innovative public relations and media strategies.

I invite you to read more about some of my recent work below. Please feel free to contact me at info(at)sammcgovern(dot)com.

Recent Projects

Martinsburg Police Department

In 2016 and 2017 I helped the Martinsburg Police Department work to solve public perception issues through the implementation of new branding, a user-friendly website, an active social media program, and various public relations initiatived

MPD’s relationship with the community and has improved dramatically, and much of my work for the department has served as a model for other public organizations and law enforcement agencies.


City of Martinsburg, WV

In response to the community’s desire for better communication from its local government, I created a new, dynamic website for the City of Martinsburg, West Virginia in 2017. The site was designed to not only increase the access residents and businesses had to information from City Hall, but also promote economic development by engaging entities who world first experience the city through its web presence.