Protecting Property Rights & Promoting Responsible Development

Sam McGovern for Lakeside Community Planning Group

Attorney, Former Police Officer, Engaged Lakeside Community Member

Sam McGovern is dedicated to serving and improving the Lakeside community. With a diverse background as an estate planning attorney, small business owner, and former police officer, Sam brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the table.


Born and raised in East County, Sam has deep roots in the community and a genuine passion for making it a better place for all residents. For the past two years, Sam has been an active member of the Lakeside Community Planning Group, contributing valuable insights and working diligently on various initiatives to enhance the area.


In addition to his professional work, Sam is committed to giving back to the community through service on several nonprofit boards. His dedication to public service and community development is evident in every endeavor he undertakes.


As an estate planning attorney, Sam helps individuals and families secure their future, ensuring peace of mind and financial stability. His work as a small business owner gives him firsthand experience with the challenges and opportunities facing local businesses. Sam’s background as a former police officer provides him with a strong sense of justice, safety, and community welfare.


Sam McGovern is running for the Lakeside Community Planning Group to continue his mission of serving the community he loves. With your support, Sam will bring his expertise, dedication, and vision to further enhance the quality of life in Lakeside.


Join Sam in his campaign to create a brighter future for Lakeside. Your vote for Sam McGovern is a vote for experience, commitment, and positive change.

Policy Priorities

Protect Property Rights

Protecting property rights in Lakeside is essential to maintaining the community's character and ensuring residents' investments are secure. By safeguarding these rights, we uphold the values of individual ownership and freedom, promoting stability and economic growth. Ensuring fair and transparent property regulations also helps preserve the unique charm of Lakeside, fostering a thriving environment where families and businesses can prosper.

Promote Responsible Development

Promoting responsible development is critical as families and businesses continue to invest in Lakeside. By ensuring that new projects are thoughtfully planned and sustainable, we can protect the community's natural beauty and resources while accommodating growth. Responsible development balances the needs of current residents with future generations, fostering economic vitality and enhancing the quality of life for everyone in Lakeside.

Preserve Community Character

Preserving Lakeside's community character and western heritage is vital to maintaining the community's unique identity and charm. Embracing our rich history and cultural traditions fosters a strong sense of belonging and pride among residents. By safeguarding our architectural landmarks, open spaces, and local customs, we ensure that Lakeside remains a vibrant and distinctive place where the spirit of the West continues to thrive.


Vote Sam McGovern for Lakeside Community Planning Group Member on November 5, 2024!